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Get Professional Massage therapy anytime, anywhere with the New

fascia Massage gun

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Relieve stress | Back pain

Muscle knots | Muscle recovery

Muscle Tension | Workout routine

The massage gun gives you the feeling and satisfaction of a professional massage therapy anywhere, anytime.

Be it in the back, shoulder, waist or arms, the massage gun takes your pain away and gets you back to your best in no time.

It is rechargeable: One charge can be used for up to 15 massage sessions.

It is the perfect way to relax after a hard day’s work.

It has six intensity levels to provide both light and deep tissue massage.

It has four different attachments to suit each and every part of your body

Improve rest and recovery after strenuous activities like, workouts exercise etc.

Get the massage gun now and be eligible to receive a 20 per cent discount, free delivery and the simple how-to-use guide that has made more than 300 verified happy customers.

You have nothing to lose.

Nationwide Delivery

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100 Hours return policy

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A must watch Simple How To Use Guide



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We spend alot of money on Adverts and delivery. We incur losses when someone who is not ready fills the order form. Thank You!

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    Become as flexible and relaxed as ever. 

    Order Now!!!.

    Hear from others

    Glad i chose this massage gun.

    When I was looking for a massager, I was looking for one that would last a long time and had a lot of power.  A year and half but it’s still running good!


    Adeola, Lagos.

    I had lots of tension on my back after few days of stressful works. This device was a great support. Recommended.


    Angel, ABUJA.

    Game changer for me and my family! Love it!!!!!


    Abimbola, Ogun..

    we couldn’t be happier with the product

    It provides great muscle relief with many different motor levels and different applications. We take turns using the massager in the family as it has a great battery in between charges.


    Alia, Lagos

    I just tried out this massage gun and it has so many different power settings. I bought this because of how sore I get after workouts .

    This is going to be so helpful!


    Gloria, Port Harcourt.

    I have severe neck arthritis. The Massage Gun releases/calms the tight muscles in my trapezius.


    Patrick, Ibadan.

    Nationwide Delivery

    Payment On Delivery

    24/7 customer support

    7-day return policy

    Same Day Delivery

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes.. it is complete

     Maximum of 48 hours.

    4-8 hours depending on the mode you use.

    The device is durable. However, Your handling will play a big part of how long it serves you.

    Yes, we have a return and exchange policy in place.

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase and if your complaint is clearly our mistake;

     Kindly contact our customer support team within the specified return period (5 days).

    We will guide you through the return or exchange process. 

    You will be redirected to our customer support after your order.

    Become as flexible and relaxed as ever. 

    Order Now!!!.


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