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Studies show that about 70 per cent of people who start working out stop within the first few weeks. That is seven out of every ten persons. 

The fact that most people lose interest does not come down to motivation or willpower. The cause is neither diet nor genetics. 


Even the stress of going to the gym has nothing to do with this – as most people work out at home.

 It comes down to one neglected but crucial factor which is muscle soreness.


Muscle soreness is the muscle pain or discomfort felt after strenuous activities like a workout. 


 Muscle soreness occurs because of microscopic damage or tiny tears in the muscle fibres during exercise or other strenuous activities


This damage triggers an immune response in the body as it works to repair and rebuild the muscle tissue, leading to the soreness experienced.


 As the body repairs these micro-tears, it reinforces the muscle fibres, making them stronger and more resilient.


This process is known as muscle recovery, where your body repairs muscle fibres and grows in size and strength to handle similar stress in the future. 


 Therefore, while muscle soreness might be uncomfortable, it’s often an indicator that your muscles are adapting and getting stronger.


 Over time, with consistent workouts and proper recovery, this cycle of damage and repair leads to increased muscle mass and improved strength.


For decades, massage therapy has proven to be the prime solution for quicker muscle recovery, alleviating muscle pain and loosening stiff muscles. It works by loosening the stiff areas of the muscles to improve blood flow and flexibility.


Muscles tend to become stiff and sore after working out. Through massage, blood flow to affected areas is improved; accelerating muscle recovery in the process. 


Aside from the relaxing feel attained from massage, it is also known to break fats and reduce weight over time. 


The massage gun is a simple-to-use device that gives you the function and satisfaction of a massage anywhere, anytime. 


Saving you thousands of naira in massage session fees and pain medications.


It has gun has a variety of attachments and force power to choose from to suit your every need.


Be it in the thigh, glutes, arms or any part of the body, with the massage gun, you get professional massage therapy from the comfort of your home. 


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Glad i chose this massage gun.

When I was looking for a massager, I was looking for one that would last a long time and had a lot of power.  A year and half but it’s still running good!


Adeola, Lagos.

I had lots of tension on my back after few days of stressful works. This device was a great support. Recommended.


Angel, ABUJA.

Game changer for me and my family! Love it!!!!!


Abimbola, Ogun..

Improve muscle recovery and growth.

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    I have severe neck arthritis. The Massage Gun releases/calms the tight muscles in my trapezius.


    Patrick, Ibadan.

    I just tried out this massage gun and it has so many different power settings. I bought this because of how sore I get after workouts .

    This is going to be so helpful!


    Gloria, Port Harcourt.

    we couldn’t be happier with the product

    It provides great muscle relief with many different motor levels and different applications. We take turns using the massager in the family as it has a great battery in between charges.


    Alia, Lagos

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      Improve muscle recovery and growth.

      Order Now!!!.


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