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Give your car or house a clean shiny look within 30 minutes using

The high pressure washer

Wash Cars | Wash Toilets and Bathrooms | Water your garden or farm | quick and easy  

Your all in one Washing, cleaning and watering solution.

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Give your car, house or bathroom a clean shiny look within 30 minutes from the comfort of your home.


From household cleaning, washing of cars and even watering plants; our high pressure washer does it all.


The high quality device sucks water from any source like a bucket or a well and sprays at high pressure to your desired object.


It’s has a foam pot attachment for foam washing,

a high pressure nozzle for rinsing stubborn stains and 

a fan spray nozzle for large area flushing.


It comes with a rechargeable 18,000 MAH battery to be used over and over again; with a single charge.

Easy washing, Cleaning and Watering

You have nothing to lose.

Nationwide Delivery

Payment On Delivery

24/7 customer support

30-day return policy

Same Day Delivery

A must watch Simple How To Use Guide


Actual Price: ₦65,000

Today’s Price (with Discount):


₦45,000 only! (save 20,000)

Pay only ₦43,000 Today!

Free Nationwide Delivery

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(payment on delivery).

You do not have to pay until you receive your package.

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    Product details


    The annoying wait in the car wash is gone.


    The high pressure washer draws water from any source and sprays at high pressure to your desired object.


    This is no Claim, we have reviews to back it up.

    Hear from others

    Compact, easy to use .

    We have used once or twice, but pressure is good and cleans the vehicle.


    We have used it for about 20 to 25 minutes with full charge but we not tried how long we can operate with full charge.


    Value for money. Good for instant cleaning


    Patience, Ibadan.

    Do not worry about the cost, it pays itself in its duty.  I love the product, thank you very very much.


    James, Port Harcourt.

    First time using a portable pressure washer.


    i’m use to using gas pressure washers…. but i’m very pleased with this.

    I washed 4 cars off one battery.


    Made my money back in one day


    Uche, Lagos.

    I loved my purchase. it was worth it because it really works as described in the article.


    Thank you very much for your good service and responsibility since the item arrived very quickly and in very good condition.


    DAUDA, ikoyi.

    Frequently asked questions

     Within 48 hours in Lagos state. Other staes take within 3-5 days.

    Single charge can be used to wash two cars.

    The device is durable. However, Your handling will play a big part of how long it serves you.

    Yes, we have a return and exchange policy in place.

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase and if your complaint is clearly our mistake;

     Kindly contact our customer support team within the specified return period (30days).

    We will guide you through the return or exchange process. 

    You will be redirected to our customer support after your order.

    Clean and wash faster.

    Order our High pressure Washer now and experience Seamless washing and cleaning; for 20% off and a free Delivery.


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